Network Spinal Analysis : A Light Touch Chiropractic Technique

You may experience physical pain or stress from falls, work or sports injuries, poor posture or work place ergonomics. These stresses may cause physical complaints such as neck pain, shoulder tension, and back pain to name a few. 

Your body might be suffering from chemical stressors such as pesticides, antibiotics, poor diet, and alcohol use.

Or you are struggling to deal with day to day activities in our busy modern world, resulting in mental and emotional tension. Your workplace interactions, deadlines, financial pressure, family issues can all be factors that trigger you.  Resulting in the inner build-up of thoughts and emotions that we experience as stress.

Everything you experience is gathered by your brain which flows through the spine and in some cases  of trauma or repetitive daily stressors, causes physical, emotional, or behavioral complaints. 

Healing from The Inside out

There are many different chiropractic techniques, all of which are striving for the same goal: to improve the function of the spine and nervous system to allow for the body to become healthier. Many of these techniques involve specific high-velocity maneuvers (adjustments) which usually cause the joints to release its gas giving the 'pop' or 'cracking' sounds coming from your spine (or other joints). 

Whilst the various traditional chiropractic spinal adjustment techniques are very effective, the physical alignment created by the chiropractor’s manual force is not enjoyed by everyone.  

"Everything you experience is interpreted by the nervous system; your brain, spinal cord (which flows through the spine), and spinal nerves. Loss of spinal motion and alignment therefore causes physical, emotional, and behavioural complaints."

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA for short), also known as Network Care or Network Chiropractic, offers a different way to help the body heal and release underlying spinal tension using a very gentle and precise touch. The gentle (with no cracking') specific contacts along the spine, allows the brain to respond causing it to find embedded tension within the central nervous system, primarily in the spinal cord. When the brain and spinal cord can find and connect to those tensions, the body will respond by doing a series of breaths or movements which ultimately cause that tension to be released. Each adjustment is referred to more specifically as an 'entrainment', because they allow the brain and nervous system to learn and build inner strategies for better mobility, more breath, and more ease inside the body.

Network Spinal Analysis is a holistic spinal care system. This technique is different from other chiropractic techniques in that there is no twisting , “cracking”  or popping of the spine (manual adjustments).  It is gentle, uses light and precise touch, and is highly effective and powerful.


It is safe, and is for everyone; from yogis to athletes,  from dancers to entrepreneurs, from children to elderly.


Using gentle specific pressures along the spine, breath exercises, specific movements and by working cooperatively with your body's nerve system, will help your body release tension and heal long-standing pain, symptoms, or stress related problems.

  • First your health and wellness goals are identified, and a detailed assessment of your health history, spine and digital posture analysis is performed.

  • The current state of your body is established and a care plan is customised for you 

  • Each light touch chiropractic session builds on the next as your body learns new strategies and your nerve system develops new pathways

  • Your progress is monitored through re-assessments and reviews to make sure we are on track with your healing and progress towards enhanced well-being


Network Spinal Analysis / Network Care

can help people with:

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Stress Relief

  • Back Pain

  • Neck Pain

  • Slipped / Herniated Disc

  • Sciatica

  • Nerve Pain

  • Ankle & Knee Pain

  • Arm & Shoulder pain

  • Wrist pain

  • Headaches & Migraines

  • Insomnia

  • Numbness / Tingling

  • Abnormal Posture & Gate

  • Scoliosis

  • Spondylosis

  • Arthritis

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Neurological Disorders

  • Structural Correction in Children

  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome


Physically: Increase in exercise and motivation to exercise; reduction of pain; more flexibility in spine; fewer colds and flu; more energy, less fatigue; fewer headaches; decrease in prescription medicine usage

Mentally: fewer concerns about small things; greater mental clarity & ability to stay on-task; ability to get more done; greater ability to adapt to change. Less stress relative to: emotional well-being, health, work, family, coping with daily challenges.

Emotionally: More life enjoyment; increase in positive feelings about self; less depression, moodiness, angry outbursts. More confidence in dealing with adversity; feeling open when relating with others. More experience of relaxation and well-being.

Spiritually: More openness to inner guidance; more positive feelings about self; more compassion for self and others; increase in meditation & prayer

What People Say


I cherished every session with Dr. Amy because she transformed my body and relaxed me to the core. While I had done more traditional chiropractic in the past, I loved the gentle, encouraging touch that comes with NSA. I left with more body awareness that I carried through the week. Each session felt like it was giving my body knowledge to move better. A true gift that keeps on giving!


Network Spinal Analysis or Network Care has developed over the last 30 years, through research it has evolved to be a highly sophisticated method of care.  It is practiced and taught worldwide, being widely popular in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.  Awaken Chiropractic is one of the few Network Care practices in Asia currently.  

Network Spinal Analysis is an evidenced based approach to wellness and body awareness. Gentle precise touches to the spine cues the brain to create new wellness promoting strategies. Two unique healing waves develop with this work. They are associated with spontaneous release of spinal and life tensions, and the use of existing tension as fuel for spinal re-organization and enhanced wellness. Practitioners combine their clinical assessments of spinal refinements with patient’s self assessments of wellness and life changes. Greater self- awareness and conscious awakening of the relationships between the body, mind, emotion, and expression of the human spirit are realised through this popular healing work. NSA is exclusively practiced by Doctors of Chiropractic in relationship to the identification and self regulation of spinal tension and subluxation patterns.


Benefits of Care

Research, in conjunction with noted neurobiologists, at the Medical College at the University of California, Irvine studied almost 3,000 people receiving Network care across the USA, Australia, Canada and Puerto Rico. The study found that Network Care is associated with statistically significant improvement in people's Health Related Quality of Life. People report sweeping, across the board positive outcomes relative to their: Physical Well-Being, Stress Levels, Emotional and Psychological Well-Being, Life Enjoyment, Lifestyle Changes and Overall Quality of Life. Notable self-reported life improvements from individuals who participated in this monumental research study.

Dr. Amy Morris is a Doctor of Chiropractic and trained in holistic women’s health.  She is a specialist in a gentle and effective technique called Network Spinal Analysis which helps people change long-term patterns of stress and posture and enhances the body’s innate healing.  Besides this, Dr. Amy works with women teaching holistic self-care practices to empower self-healing and offers Abdominal Therapy for women.

Dr. Amy Morris

Doctor of Chiropractic  (USA) Biology