"I am commited to helping my clients get more from life;

whether it is transforming emotional blocks, physical complaints that won't go away or other crisis related to a high-stress lifestyle."


Meet Dr. Amy Hawthorne

Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic (U.S.A)

· DC, Doctor of Chiropractic.

  Life Chiropractic College West, California, USA

· B.Sc.Biology, Bachelor of Science in Biology

  University of Minnesota, USA

Dr. Amy Hawthorne is a chiropractor and abdominal womb therapist. She has an extensive background in natural healing and spirituality.  She is excited to share what she's learned to help others experience inner vitality, enhanced wellbeing and fulfilment in life.


Dr. Amy is trained in a specialised and effective light touch Chiropractic method, called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). NSA assists people to release and reorganise deep patterns of tension and stress in the spine, spinal cord, and nervous system allowing them to heal long-term issues and reach new levels of health.  Originally from the United States, she has been practicing in Singapore more than eight years.



My Story

As a young woman I knew I would be a doctor.  I knew my purpose was to help people heal and live healthy vibrant lives and I could clearly see my future.  As is often the case, the details of that journey were yet to be unveiled. 


My passion was horseback riding and horses.  I spent every day after school with my horses, riding and caring for them.  I competed in competitions and was a part of the United States Pony Club.  What great fun it was!  As any horse person knows, there are certain risks associated with the sport!  My first big horse accident was at age 11 where I was bucked off a horse and flew 10 feet in the air, landing on my neck.  I was rushed into the hospital in a neck brace, and was very lucky that nothing was severely injured.  I had multiple other falls during my years competing, but that was the biggest and most memorable of them.  That was the start of my chronic neck pain that lasted through my teenage years.  

The pain in my neck led my parents to take me to see chiropractors.  I saw a few over the years and got to experience the different approaches of adjusting the spine.  I always remember feeling it benefited me, but there were two chiropractors who I saw consistently at age 18 and 19 who really changed my life and my body.  With their care, I was able to heal the chronic neck pain but also from the depression I had experienced as a teenager.  Life changer!  I experienced in my body how my inner life force had been dimmed, and through chiropractic care that flow of life inside me was set free.  I felt open, happy, relaxed, and free of pain for the first time in my life.  I was able to start leading my life in healthier ways too!  The inner strength and self-awareness I experienced led me to make the changes I knew I needed through exercise, a healthier diet, and getting more sleep. The world opened up to me in new ways and I became inspired to help people in the same way I had been helped.  To teach them what I had learned.  I became fascinated with what health really is, how the body works, and how to heal naturally.  It is continually rewarding and fulfilling to see my clients benefit and heal from long-standing problems as their inner healing force is set free.  The best part of this work is getting to know my clients well and seeing how not only their bodies transform, but how their lives change for the better.